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Top 5 Diamond Earning Apps: 

Free Fire Max Free Diamond, Bindass Ankit

Hello friends, how are you, once again you are very welcome to the article of our website. Today once again we have come with a new post for you in which we are going to tell you. About diamond taking applications in Free Fire with the help of which you can get diamonds absolutely free.

If you are also a Free Fire player, then there is no need to tell you how important diamond is in Free Fire. Because only that person can know the importance of Diamond in Free Fire who has played the Free Fire game at some point in his life. Because friends, I have seen many people who have never played Free Fire game in their life. But people who keep sharing the knowledge of Free Fire game and start comparing Diamond with it. But for their information, I would like to say that Free Fire Diamond is completely different from PUBG UC.

Because diamonds can buy characters in this or Free Fire. And everything you get in Free Fire like Elite Pass, Gun Skin, Custom, Emote etc. can be bought with the help of Diamonds. But on the other hand, Royal Pass and some selected things can be purchased from PUBG UC. So in this way you have come to know how important diamond is in Free Fire, but the biggest problem is that it is very difficult to get Diamond in Free Fire. Rather, many people spend thousands of rupees to get diamonds and only then they are able to arrange diamonds in Free Fire when they top up the diamonds.

But friends, you don't need to worry. Because today through this post I have brought for you information about some such applications with the help of which you can easily buy diamonds absolutely free, so if you also want to know. How to get Diamonds in Free Fire absolutely free, then keep reading this post of mine carefully from beginning to end.


💎  100 DIAMONDS               CLAIM   

💎  310 DIAMONDS               CLAIM   

💎  520 DIAMONDS              CLAIM   

💎  1060 DIAMONDS            CLAIM   

💎  2180 DIAMONDS            CLAIM   

💎  5600 DIAMONDS           CLAIM   

💎  10000 DIAMONDS                FREE   

💎  9999999 DIAMONDS          FREE   

                    DIAMONDS HACK    

best 5 Application to get diamond in free fire

free fire Diamond

So friends, let us now know the further information. What are the apps for earning diamonds in Free Fire, then I will give you information about the same applications which I have personally used to buy diamonds. So that no kind of fraud happens to you.

Friends, you can get diamonds in Free Fire by using all these applications. And you can also tell your friends about them. The most interesting thing about this app is that you can easily download it from Google Play Store. From where you download any application, let's start.

1) Rooter (Free Fire Diamond 💎 App)

The first application on our list to get diamonds in Free Fire is Rooter Up, which is my favorite application. Because when you sign up for the first time in Rooter application, you get many Exiting Rewards absolutely free.

You are more likely to add things like Free Fire Diamond Redeem Code, VIP Subscription, Gun Skin etc. to those rewards. And most of the people are given diamonds as a reward. Because they are directly transferred to your Free Fire account.

Because when you sign up inside the router application, it asks for your Free Fire ID. Due to which Router Up gets connected to your Free Fire ID and whatever diamonds or rewards you get in Router Up. It should be directly transferred to your Free Fire account.

In Rooter App, diamonds worth about Rs 50 lakh are distributed absolutely free every day, so that you can put them inside. How many more diamonds are there to get through the Rooter app because people get diamonds in huge amounts.


Rooter App Features-

Watch & Win Rewards

enjoy the best quality streams in hd

Easy To Use

Audio Rooms

Earn Money

Full Hd Resolution

App Name Rooter

Size 22 Mb

Rating 4.5 Star

Developer Rooter Sports

Total Download 10 Million+

Download Rooter

2) Sports Guru Pro (diamond wala app)

Friends, if you do not know about Bharat Guru Pro application then I want to tell you here. That this is a very Kamal Free Fire diamond earning application which gives you a chance to earn 100% real diamonds.

Yes friends, you heard it right, you can buy 100% real diamonds. And I almost won 50 diamonds absolutely free from this application. Which was a bonus diamond, although if I wanted, I could have reduced more diamonds because there are four different types of features to get diamonds. But to get diamond from 4 stars, we have to work a little hard and also complete tasks.

But you can get 50 diamonds without any hard work. So if you listen to me then you can get 50 diamonds absolutely free of cost and get diamonds by using any other application. In this you will get to see tips and tricks to open Free Fire bundles and creations so that we will be able to get any gun creation in a single open.

Sports Guru Pro App Features-

Win Free Diamonds Everyday

Endless Level

Simple and easy graphics

All & Emotes & Tool

Trending Emotes

bundle details for you

App Name Sports Guru Pro

Size 12 Mb

Rating 4.2 Star

Total Download 1 Million+

Download Sports Guru

3) mGamer (free fire diamond app download)

Friends, if you want to get diamonds in Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max, then M Gamer application can prove useful for you. With its help, you can also collect diamonds in Free Fire Max. In this, you can collect coins and diamonds by watching videos. That means you will get coins once for watching the video and you will get diamonds for watching the video the second time and with this you can get diamonds nonstop.

In this you will get many games and by playing all those games you can get diamonds according to the minute. That means, after playing the game for 1 minute, you will get diamonds and after playing for 5 minutes, you will get more diamonds. That is why it is so easy to get MKMRC Diamond because diamonds can be earned by playing games. That's why it passes the time very well and one does not have to use one's mind.

Although there are many other ways to get diamonds in M ​​Gamer, if you want, you can also earn diamonds by completing surveys. Because many surveys are conducted related to Daily M Gamer app in which you can earn diamonds by participating in the survey.

mGamer App Features-

Fast & Easy To Redeem Diamond

Spin Wheel & Earn Diamond

Refer Friends & Earn Diamond

Earn Money & Gift Card

Get FreeFire Redeem Code

Complete Simple Tasks To Win Rewards

Redeem Points Or Redeem Currency And Use It To Buy Game Credits

App Name mGamer

Size 25 Mb

Rating 4.3 Star

Developer AG PRO DEV

Total Download 10 Million+

download mGamer

4) Winzo Games (Diamond earning app)

If you want to top up diamonds in your Free Fire ID for free, then this application has been specially made for this. Because Winzo Game is a very trusted and branded application, many people already know about it and people can get diamonds from it who are already using Winzo Game. Those people can buy diamonds who have never installed the Winzo game.

That means users can get diamonds from Winzo game in all ways. And when you open the Winzo game, you will see the option of a spin wheel on the home page, with the help of this option you can earn diamonds and money and it depends on your luck. So in such a situation, the first way to get diamonds from Winzo is to spin the wheel.

After that, many classic games will be seen in it, including Tetris, Bubble Shooter, Car Racing etc. The name of the games is included and there are also Free Fire tournaments from which you can earn diamonds.


winzo Games App Features-

Sign Up Bonus Will Be 20 To 50 Rupees

Daily Winning 25 Crore

Play Amazing 100+ Games

Winzo Daily Spinner

100 Secure & Legal

12 languages

App Name Winzo Games

Size 114 Mb

Rating 4.7 Star

Developer Winzo Games Private Limited.

Total Download 100 Million+

download winzo games

5) Gift Play – Earn Game Credits

So friends, Gift is first an application with the help of which you can take credit of any game and the credit of Free Fire is Diamond. So you can get it absolutely free diamond it also gives you PUBG UC and 40 RP for luggage. That means all the popular games you have in it. You can take game credits for all of them and they require gold and chips to get diamonds.

You can convert gold and chips into diamonds and transfer them to your Free Fire account, for that you need to earn as much gold and chips as possible. For that, you can see many different options through which you can earn chips on gold.

The first way to get credit in this is through Lucky Chest. In which you can get some diamonds and credits daily, along with that there are options like Wheel of Fortune, Word Hunting, Production, Machine etc. In which by earning gold and chips you can convert them into diamonds.

gift Play App Features-

Lots Of Steam Keys

Wallet Codes

Get Free Game Gift Codes

Application Is Secure 100%

Complete Tasks To Get Free Gift Cards

Get Free Factory New Skins

App Name Gift Play – Earn Game Credits

Size: 15 MB

Rating 4.0 Star

Developer Kuzgun Apps

Total Download 1 Million+

download Gift Play

So friends, these were our five applications with the help of which you can earn diamonds in Free Fire. And here I have provided you very good information about these applications.


So I hope you liked our today's post very much, this post has been written especially for those who are Free Fire lovers and who want to earn diamonds in Free Fire. For them, five such applications have been mentioned using which they can earn diamonds for free. If you like our post and find it useful for you. So please do share it with your friends and on social media platforms

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