Best Game Voice Changer App | How to talk in girl voice in Free Fire ?

How to talk in girl voice in Free Fire ? 

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If you guys want to know about Free Fire Max game or how to change voice inside Free Fire game. So read this post till the end. There are many Free Fire players who upload videos of their game play on YouTube. But they do not know how to play the game by changing the voice in their Free Fire game. And while playing games, they want to make sounds like small children.

Best Game Voice Changer app 2023 Free fire and bgmi

If someone pranks his friends in a girl's voice, it looks much more fun. That's why many people wish that we should also talk to our friends in a girl's voice and not have fun with them, so this post is only for you, today we are going to tell you such a great way. Are. With the help of which you can easily change your voice in Free Fire. We will tell you about the voice changing application in Free Fire.

In today's era, every person likes to play online games and today's youth try to do something new every day in this era of complete technology. That is why some players in Free Fire want to entertain themselves by changing their voices to make the game more fun. So let's know How to change voice while playing the game in Free Fire.

How to Change Voice in Free Fire ?

Friends, if you want to Change your voice inside the Free Fire game, then first of all you will need an application. This is the name of the application through which one can easily change the voice while playing the game in Free Fire. du recorder and with its help you can change your voice in Free Fire.

There will be many people like you who are Free Fire players and who might have seen the videos of their favorite YouTuber in which their voice changes. Many young people seeing any Free Fire player want to change the voice in their Free Fire game. If you also want to change voice in Free Fire, then follow the steps given below carefully.

1)  So friends, first of all you have to Download Du Recorder application in your mobile through Google Play Store, once it will be downloaded in your mobile. So you have to open the DU Recorder application and grant all the permissions inside it.

2) After this, DU Recorder App will ask you for some permissions, then you have to enable them. Now the option of voice changer will be visible on the right side corner of the DU Recorder application, click on it.

3) Now many voice change logos will be visible in front of you. Now you can save the people as per your wish by clicking on them. Now open the Free Fire game and then record the voice with the help of Do Recorder application.

4) Now here you can see that the voice has changed in your Free Fire game. So in this way you can change the voice in your Free Fire game very easily through the Do Recorder application.

Now here we will learn how to talk in girls' voice. So that one of our friends gets surprised after hearing our voice.

How to remove girls' voices in Free Fire?

Voice Changer App

Friends, there are many Free Fire players who want to make girls' voices in the Free Fire game to prank their friends. If we look at it, there are many YouTubers who want to record their videos in girls' voices. If you also want to make a girl's voice in Free Fire Max or want to talk in a girl's voice, then follow all the steps given below carefully.

Step 1

First of all you have to install the Voice FX application in your mobile.

Step 2

After installation, you have to enable all the permissions of the Voice FX app.

Step 3

Now open the Voice FX application and click on the three dots given above.

Step 4

Now you will see the option of floating window in the Voice FX application, click on it.

Step 5

Then you have to open the Free Fire game inside your mobile phone. Then you can see a play button appearing on your screen.

Step 6

Now you can change your voice to a girl's voice by clicking on this play button.

So friends, in this way you can change your voice into a girl's voice while playing Free Fire game in your mobile phone and make your game play fun.

Benefits of changing voice in Free Fire game

Friends, if you are a Free Fire player and your game play is not very good, that is why you want to keep your identity hidden in the Free Fire game. So you can play the game with your friends by changing your voice in this game, while you also want to talk with other voice to prank your friends in this game. Still, you are going to benefit a lot from the voice changer. The biggest feature of this voice changer is that you can talk in a girl's voice through it. And in this way you can take advantage of voice change inside the Free Fire game.


So friends, today through this post I have told you how to talk in a girl's voice in Free Fire? 2023 and here I have given you information about a better application. If you like this post of ours and it proves useful for you. So please share it with your friends and on social media platforms.

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