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Top 8 Best Google Play Gift Card Earning Apps:

Google Play Gift Card

Hello friends, how are you, once again you are very welcome to the article of our website. As you all know, in today's time most of the people prefer to earn money online. Today I am going to tell you how you can get a free Google Play gift card. How to get a free Google Play gift card? To buy Pad application from Google Play Store, you must have money in Google Play Store Wallet through which you can easily buy Google Play Gift Card. Many people have a question whether we can get Google Play Gift Card absolutely free.

So friends, for your information, we want to tell you that these are not free, they have to be purchased if you want to get Google Play Gift Card absolutely free. So here we have brought some great applications for you, through which you can easily get Google Play Gift Card absolutely free. You will get a better opportunity to earn money by working less hard, you will not have to spend money on Google Play Store.

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Top 8 Best Google Play Gift Card Earning apps 2024

So let's go ahead and know about some 8 such great applications. You have been given detailed information about all the apps through which we can earn money and buy Google Play gift cards for free. You can learn about these applications and earn money through them by following the information given below carefully.

1) PrizeRebel

Friends, if you use this prizebel app. So you get a lot of offers and tasks and the opportunity to take part in many types of competitions through which you can earn a lot of money. In this, after working for a day, you get some money or gift cards as a reward.

This website is especially for those people who want to Earn money online while staying at home. With this, any person, whether male or female, can withdraw money for their pocket money with the help of internet in free time. You do not need any degree or certificate to work on this website.

To work through this website, you must have a good laptop or mobile phone as well as internet. When all these facilities are available to you, then you can earn money by working on it.

2) Survey Junkie

how to get a free google play gift card- This is also a great website, it provides you many ways to get a Google Play gift card. Here you can earn a lot of money by doing surveys in Siyapura Real. Here, first of all you have to create your profile and select the topic of the survey. Survay Junkie cannot tolerate fakers at all, that is why select such fields. In which you have good knowledge about it, you will be able to earn money only through your chosen subject.

3) Toluna

Our Toluna website comes at third place, it is also considered to be the best website. On this website you have to post as many posts as possible and in this you have to participate in the competition, after that you are given some point draw coupons. In this the website asks you to write information about anything and you have to do that work.

In return for doing this, you are given some 1000 points if you share this website with someone through your referral link and he joins it. So by doing this you get some points from the application, thus you can collect a lot of points and redeem them.

4) Branded Surveys


This website is called Branded Survey and a good amount of money can be earned through this also. The best thing is that they give money immediately. 36 percent people can fulfill their needs by withdrawing cash from the branded survey website. There is a lot of interest in earning money through branded surveys.

You have to collect 500 points to earn money from branded surveys and every 100 points is worth $5. This means that for 500 points you will get $25. Branded surveys give you some great rewards.

They offer you three types of rewards: You get cash through PayPal. You also get shopping vouchers for Amazon and Apple stores. Which you can use both online and offline.

how to get a free google play gift card

5) Google Opinion Rewards

                         DOWNLOAD ⬇  

Friends, you must have heard the name of this application, Google Opinion Rewards Chahiye, it is a survey application. In this, every day you get a chance to do a survey on behalf of the company, for doing which you get some money. But it is not that you will get money for doing surveys every day.

Here money is given by Google and whenever you have some money in your Google Opinion Rewards account. So you can download any paid application on Play Store with this money. You will not be able to transfer the money from this account to your bank account. You can only buy Up and Google Play gift cards on Play Store with this money.

6) Swagbucks

                         DOWNLOAD ⬇  

You can also buy Google Play gift cards through this Swag Bucks application and this is a very great and reliable application for you people. It will be very easy for you to earn money on this application, you cannot earn much money from this. But you make it work on Swag Bucks so you want to earn $1000 a month

So this application is not for you if you want to earn some money sitting at home from Swag Baksh website. If you live in countries like UK, USA, India, Australia, Bangladesh, etc. then earning money means earning SBs.

If you are interested in watching videos, shopping on the internet, downloading applications. So if you can participate in the survey then it may be right for you, in this you get Google reward points along with entertainment. Once you have 5000 points you can get a $50 Google Play gift card.

7) Feature Points

                         DOWNLOAD ⬇  

If you want to buy Google Play Gift Card then you should create an account in Feature Point, in this you have to collect reward points. In this you can get many new games and applications which are absolutely free. You just have to install them and use them for some time, on doing this you are given some reward points. Whenever you have enough reward points, you can use them for any paid application or Google Play gift card.

8) InstaGC

This application is also very interesting, if all its users register with Insta Gift Card or Instagc, then it gives you a chance to win 10 points. To get these points, it is necessary to do some activities, in this you get one dollar for collecting 100 points. Which you can use to buy Google Play gift cards.

                         DOWNLOAD ⬇  


So friends, through this post I have told you about eight such applications through which you can buy Google Play Gift Cards and earn some points on them. Which you can use to buy any paid application on Google or Google Play gift card. So you must have liked the information. If you like the information then please share it with more of your friends so that they can also earn money in this way.

 top 8 Best Google Play Gift Card Earning apps 2024

 8 Best Google Play Redeem Codes Apps 2024

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