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 How to make EPan Card online 2022

How to make EPan Card online 2022

How to make Pan Card?Hello friends, how are you wholeheartedly welcome in today's new and fresh article, in today's post we are going to tell you how to make e-pan card online in 2022 according to the rules made by the Government of India, any Indian without Make any payment through your mobile phone or computer through the cafe sitting at homeOn the official website of Income Tax, online epan card can be made in just 5 to 10 minutes.And for this you will not have to pay any kind of fee, this whole process is free.

 • How to make online e pan card?

Many people want to get their PAN card made but for some reason or the other, they just can't get it done and one of the reasons may be their financial condition or any other reason but in today's time after reading this post of mine, you can do all your work. Work can be done online and family members can get many PAN cards while sitting at homeYou will be able to make it easily, even you can do all the work related to PAN card by visiting the official website of Income Tax.

 • What is e-PAN card?

The Government of India gives a 10 digit alphanumeric code to its consumers to pay the debt or pay taxes, with the help of which we and you feel free to adopt the Government of India e-PAN card is such a card that we are the official of Income Tax. With the help of website only and can generate only within 10 minutesIs or can be made, this PAN card is like a PAN card made by paying money, but the only difference is that this PAN card also comes to your home by post, but PAN card does not come to your home and Can be removed immediately by printer if required and is valid everywherehas gone.The full form of PAN card is Permanent Account Number and the full form of e-pan card is Electronic Permanent Account Number.

The e-pan card looks exactly like your debit card or credit card, which we use to show our bank related activities and identity card in the form of Mehndi on a Berry Friday that is why it is very important to make an e-pan card. And in today's time e-pan card as compared to earlierIt has become a lot easier to make.Important documents to make e-pan card onlineIf you want to make e-pan card, then for this you do not need any kind of document that to make PAN card online, you or the person whose PAN card is being made, your Aadhar card and mobile number registered in Aadhar card. It is needed because mobile registered with Aadhar cardAn OTP on the number is also sent by the Income Tax Department on the Income Tax website, through which the user has to do the verification.

 • How to make e-pan card online step by step complete process

Friends, if you do not have an e-pan card and you are not in a condition to get out of the house and get an e-pan card and your financial condition is also not right, then you can make online e-pan card sitting at home in such a situation. Only for this you will need a mobile phone or computer and having internet data in itAfter that you can feel free to go and make PAN card online without any problem.Here we are telling the complete process of making e-pan card online and you can easily make a pan card sitting at home by following these steps shared by me, so let's start.

How to make EPan Card online 2022

 • How to Create Online Epan Card

Step 1

Friends, to make e-PAN card from mobile sitting at home, you have to close your browser and inside that you have to open the official website of Income Tax then search.

Step 2

To create e-pan card, in the second step, you will come to the first website in mobile or computer, by clicking on it you will reach the home interface of the website, then you will see a popup window which you have to cut.

Step 3

On your computer screen or mobile screen, a quick links option will be visible at the top left side and before that in this type you will see the option of instant pan card through aadhar card Clicking on instant pan card through aadhar option Only after that in front of you to make PAN cardIts form will open.

Step 4

Then two options will open in front of you, out of which you will get to see the option of Get New PAN Card and a Download PAN Card, out of which you have to click on the option with Get New PAN, after clicking on the option of Game New PAN Card, Complete Application The form will appear on the screen.

Step 5

Out of which you have to enter your Aadhar card number and then after filling the captcha code, tick on the confirmer and click on the option with Generate Aadhaar OTP to proceed.

Step 6

After completing this process, you will reach the next step to generate PAN card and an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number, after which you will complete your verification and your personal details which you have entered in the Aadhar card. It will be visible there because PAN card is your AadharVerifies the details of the card thoroughly and then does the verification.Step 7

After filling all the information properly, click on submit application, then your application will reach the official website of Income Tax and the officials present there will verify your details entered in this forum and after that your Aadhar PAN card is on this portal. But you will get it.

 • How to download e-pan card online?

To download e-pan card, all you have to do is open the official website of Income Tax inside your browser and follow all the steps mentioned above as before and you can read the second step if you do not know that How to open this website, what to do after that, then you first and secondAfter reading the step, you will see two options there, out of which you will see the option of check status download pan card, click on that option, after entering your Aadhaar details and filling the captcha code, that is your e-pan. 

You can download the card.

In this way, you can make PAN card from online mobile sitting at home absolutely free of cost, someone here in this information provided by me, I think you will not face any problem, if still you face any problem then by commenting below. Do ask.

 • What did you learn in this post

I sincerely hope that you must have liked this post of mine because here I have provided you complete information related to making PAN card online, if you like this information of mine and proves useful for you, then share it with your friends. And share it with the rest of the people like this new oneLike our post to get new posts.

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