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How to earn from Rozdhan App?


Hello friends, in this post we are going to talk about Rozdhan application. How to earn money from

,But there are many people who do not yet know what is Rozdhan app and how to earn from it.

,Because today I am going to tell you about the real money earning application, Rozdhan app in the name of that application. After that, how can you earn very easily sitting at home, that's why my thisThe post is going to teach you a lot of new things, with which you will get to know many more interesting things.

What is Rozdhan App?

My dear visitor, in this post we will talk about what is Rozdhan app and how to earn from Rozdhan app in 2022 and which country's application is every day and how can you withdraw money from Rozdhan, so if you are interested in earning money now. If I want to know, then follow this post of mine from the beginning to the lastKeep reading carefully.Now if we talk about Rozdhan application, then it is a content sharing and video sharing android application.

On Rozdhan app, you can publish videos by creating your account and will be able to share it with other people, in return you get points which you can convert into money, the more your video will get likes and comments, that means more people than you. If you like the video, you will get so much money accordinglyYou will get an opportunity to earn as well as you do not need any special skill to earn money from this.

 • How to download Rozdhan app?


To download the Rozdhan application, you can directly search on Google Play Store and if you want, by clicking on the download button given below, from here you will reach the play store and after clicking on the install button, this application Will be downloaded in your mobile phone and account inside itYou will get ₹25 bonus as soon as you make it.

How to earn money from Rozdhan app?

Apart from this, if you face any kind of problem downloading from here, then you can feel free to download from Google Play Store, after creating an account inside the Rozdhan application, when you will create your account inside it through your mobile number, immediately you will get ₹ 25 will be available as a bonus, then you can earn from itYou can startNext we will talk about how to use the app every day or how to earn money using the Rozdhan app, in this we can earn by writing news, making videos and referring our friends. There are many ways to earn money, which we will talk about nextWill discuss in detail.Simple ways to earn money from Rozdhan App.

Here we will discuss about genuine and effective ways to earn money from Rozdhan application, with the help of which you and everyone else can earn good money.


1) Refer and Earn

The best and first way to earn money from Rozdhan app is Refer and Earn, in this, you get a good opportunity to earn money by staying with your friends every day, in this you get the option of Invite Friend, by clicking on which you can share with your friends. And if any of your friends can invite youIf you download Rozdhan application through share key link then you will get 1500 coins.Here you get 1500 coins for every referral, which you can convert into money and the directors can withdraw into your Paytm account.

2) Daily Check In

Every day through reception you can win from 8 coins to 150 coins daily from the application every day you can use reception only once a day and you will get any daily in increasing order thus who you collect from daily check in You can convert them into money by doing this, but take special care of itTo get them, you will have to do daily check-in by opening the Rozdhan app.

3) earn money by writing

If you want to earn money using this method, then you can join the application's Wemedia program on this day and then you can write news in it and you will be able to earn a lot of money, in this you will get different categories for writing news, out of which You can write news on any topic as per your wishThere are such as sports, politics, entertainment etc.


4) Through Ad Box

The ad box option also gives you a chance to earn money if you see any ad and you get coins instead of watching that ad, in this you can win coins by watching limited ads daily and convert them into money later. In this way you can earn all the money in this way, I hope you like thisWould have liked to try.

5) With Earn Money Option

In Rozdhan application, you get the option of earning money, in which you are given many different types of tasks like application installation, service profile update etc.

All the coins you get in front of these tasks will be seen written there, if you complete these tasks, then you can earn coins in return, after earning coins, convert them into money and you can withdraw through Paytm.

 • What did you learn in this post

Through this post I have told you what is Rozdhan app and how to earn from it?2022 I have given you detailed information about this and here I have told you five ways to earn money which are considered to be very simple ways to earn money and for this you will not have to do much, not even much hard work. If you have to do it, then I sincerely hope that you will like this post of mineIf you like it then definitely share it with your friends.

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