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How to Recover Gmail ID ?  

Recover Gmail ID

Hello friends, how are you, you are very welcome in this post as you all know. In today's time, everyone uses Android mobile phones and to use it, it is very important for you to have a Gmail account. Only then you can login to your mobile and download all the applications through Google Play Store. But to create a Gmail ID or to recover it after deleting it, there is a process which is not known to all the people.

There are many people who, after creating a Gmail account, delete it and forget its password. If you have also forgotten your Gmail ID and want to recover it again but you have no idea about it. So you can read our post in which you will be given complete information in detail.


So in such a situation, to recover your Gmail ID after forgetting it, you will need only the mobile number. Through which you had created your Gmail ID, after that you can easily recover your Gmail ID by reading this post of ours. So let us know about it in detail step by step.

How to recover email id?

As you all know, everyone is using Gmail account and Gmail is a very popular and famous mail service which is created by Google for Android mobile users. But when you use Gmail, you might not have thought at all that if we forget the password of our Gmail ID account. So how can we recover the account? The simple answer is yes.

So you do not need to worry at all because of us, today we are going to tell you many such methods if you forget the password of your Gmail account. So that you can recover your account, I am going to tell you some methods which you should follow to recover your Gmail ID.

How to recover email id?

So you are requested to read this post carefully till the end. Someone will explain the process of Gmail account recovery to you very well, so let's start.

How to recover email ID?

1) So friends, for this, first of all you have to open gmail in the browser of your mobile phone. After that you have to write your email ID in the given box and click on the next option.

2) After that, a new page will open in front of you in which you will see the option of Forget Password as shown below, but you have to simply click on it.

3) When you will see recovery options one after the other. If you want to see the next option, then for this you will have to click on “Try Another Way” option.

How to recover Gmail ID account try another way?

1. Enter Last Password -:

Friends, if you remember the password of your old Gmail account, then you have to enter that password in the given box. But keep in mind that if you are not able to remember your old password properly then you are trying to recover it by entering a useless password. So there is no need to do anything like this, nor do you have to make any efforts because this can also block your Gmail account.

2. Do You Have Phone -:

If you have linked your present mobile number with Gmail account then you can easily recover your account in this way. Gmail sends a notification to your mobile and you have to follow some interactions and easily you will be able to recover your account.

3. Get verification code -:

In this option, Gmail sends you a code through text message to the mobile number with Gmail account. You will have to enter the code in the box given.

4. When Did You Create this Account -:

In this option, you have to tell when you created your Google account. You will have to give information about month, year etc.

Recover Gmail ID

So friends, these were some of our easy methods through which you can easily recover your Google account. But sometimes Google also gives you other methods which make it easier for you to recover your password. Generally speaking, there are some methods given above. In this you can recover your account. Now we will know how to recover Gmail account after deleting it?

How to Recover Deleted Gmail ID [Email Account]

Friends, if you have deleted your Gmail account in some way or you want to recover your account then how easy it will be, then I am telling you some methods below, you can follow them.

1. So friends, first of all you should go to

You have to go to the website, after that you have to enter the address of the deleted account.

2. After that you will have to enter the password of this account, then you have to click on the next option, then another new message will appear in front of you.

3. In which it will be written Success! you have UnDeleted Your Account” This means that the account has been recovered.

Important things before deleting Gmail account

Friends, nowadays anyone who uses a smartphone has more than one Gmail account and in this situation people think. That they delete the account but before that you should keep some important things in mind and only then you should delete the Gmail account. When you delete your Gmail account, all your data goes into your Gmail and it all gets deleted.

So that's why Gmail account tells you about the backup, which you can use to keep all the data of Gmail safe. When you go to delete your Gmail account, Google definitely asks you about the backup. Only after taking backup, you can keep all the data safe in your computer or your mobile, after this you will never have to face this type of problem in future.


So friends, today through this post I have explained to you in very simple language how you can recover your Gmail account. And I have given you detailed information about this topic, so I hope you liked the information, so please do share it with others who have this type of problem. That's all for today, see you again in the next post, thank you.

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