How To Get Unlimited Diamonds Daily In Free Fire 2024 (Daily free fire diamond loot)

How To Get Unlimited Diamonds Daily In Free Fire 2024 (Daily free fire diamond loot)

Daily free fire unlimited diamond loot : Hello friends how are you welcome to our website today's post how to get daily unlimited diamond in free fire in 2022. If you are an online game player, you like to play online games and you have installed the Free Fire application in your mobile, then today's post is going to be very amazing and helpful for you, so this post is going to be very helpful for you. Keep reading

Nowadays everyone likes to play online games in their mobile but friends, as you all must know, most of the people like to play Free Fire ie Free Fire Max very much. Free Fire is a multiplayer game. Anyone who plays the Free Fire game needs diamonds inside the Free Fire game whether it is to buy a new dress or to get a new gun. If you also want to get unlimited diamonds inside free fire game then today's special post is just for you, in today's post we will tell you how you can get unlimited diamonds daily in free fire

what is free fire diamond 2022

Friends Free Fire is a popular game and inside Free Fire you are given a character with which you play the game inside the game. Just like we need money to buy any item, in the same way inside free fire game you need free fire diamonds for your character to develop new clothes, new dress and character for your character. This is called free fire. Money has to be spent to get free fire diamonds, but friends, in today's post, we will tell you for free that in this way you can get unlimited daily diamonds.

how to get unlimited diamonds daily in free fire 2022

Come on friends, without wasting time, let us tell you how you can get unlimited diamonds daily inside Free Fire. Here friends, we will tell you about an application with the help of which you can get unlimited diamonds in free fire daily. Follow all the steps given by us properly.

1) First of all friends, after turning on the internet connection of your mobile, you have to open the Google Play Store application.

2) Now friends, in the search bar of Google Play Store, you have to search by typing Diamond Loot, you will first get to see an application on the number, by clicking on it, you have to install that application. If you want, you can directly access the Google Play Store from the link given below.

3) After installing the Diamond Loot application, you have to open it, as soon as you open it, you will see some options in front of you, you have to click on Login with Google.

4) After this you have to select any of your email id from which you want to log in to that application, after that you will get some diamonds as signup bonus here, you have to collect them by clicking on the collect button.

5) After this the main interface of this application will open and friends, you will get to see many games here. Along with this, you will get to see many more ways with the help of which you can collect points inside this application.

6) You get to see options like spin wheel, scratch, offers, survey, play game etc. inside this application. Out of this, as if you click on the spin wheel option, you will see an add-on, after that it will be on it and you will get points, in this way you can spin 25 times in 1 day and also by playing the rest of the game. You can collect points.

7) In the same way friends, you have to collect a lot of diamonds inside this application and you have to redeem from here by entering your free fire id.

How to Withdraw Points from Diamond Loot Application

 Friends, now you must be thinking that when we collect a lot of points inside this application, then how can we add them inside our free fire game, so friends, we will give that information to you too.

1) First of all friends, you have to open the Diamond Loot application, after opening you will see Diamonds in the top right side, you have to click on it.

2) After this, friends, here you will see all the points you have collected in the Diamond Loot application, below that you will see three options to redeem the points, you can choose any option.

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Phone Pe Withdraw

Free Fire Diamonds


Friends, hope you have liked this post of ours today on how to get unlimited diamonds daily in free fire. Today in this post we told you what is Free Fire Diamond and how to get Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds daily. If you liked this post, please like it. If you have any question related to this post, if you have a job, then you can tell us in the comment box below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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