How to make e-pan card by Mobile 2024

 How to make e-pan card by Mobile 2024

How to make e-pan card : Hello friends, how are you and welcome in our today's post, you friends Income Tax New Portal has been launched. By which the process of making you instant Pan card Pan card has also been changed. That is why today we are going to tell you a new way by which how to make a PAN card? Also, stay tuned to know how you can download Pan card.

After this new text portal, you can create a Pan card absolutely free of cost, which is also being called Pan card or Instant Pan card. We have given you the complete process of making a pan card, after which you can prepare it by making a pan card within just 10 minutes. That too through his mobile phone was not a wonderful information for us.

This post has to be read carefully till the last because we have explained step by step in a very easy way how to make a new pan card, hope you guys will definitely like it.

How to make PAN card from online income tax portal?

Friends, till some time before today, you had to go to CSC center to make PAN card. Where he used to fill the PAN card application form and send it to the post office. For which he had to pay a fee, but now with the Income Tax New Portal, you can create a PAN card absolutely free.

Friends, I am telling you absolutely right that you can create Pan card and download Pan card within 10 minutes and you can do it anywhere using this online Pan card. Because it is being made by NSDL official website, how to make instant PAN card? Before this, it is important for you to know that which documents will be strictly required for making online PAN card.

What are the documents required for PAN card?

You do not need any kind of physical document to make an e-pan card. You will just need an Aadhar card and mobile number linked to Aadhar card, after that you can prepare e-pan card within 10 minutes. And you can also download it online during your mobile phone.

How to make e-pan card?

Friends, if your PAN card is lost. Or if you do not have a PAN card, then by following the steps given below, in a very easy process, you can prepare and download your PAN card with only 10 minutes.

Step 1

First of all, go to the Income Tax New Portal, the link of which we have given you below.

When you will reach this website, then you have to go to the “Instant Pan Card” option here.

Step 2

Then you have to click on “Get new e-PAN” Now enter your Aadhar card number. And tick I confirm that and click on Continue.

Step 3

Then OTP will come on the mobile number linked on your Aadhaar card, enter it and click on Continue. Your personal data which is in the Aadhar card will be visible to you. For example, your name, address, email id, etc. Click on Accept and Continue.

Step 4

If your email id is not linked with aadhaar card then click on link email id option. And you can link your email id with Aadhar card from here. That's it your e-pan request will be successful.

Now you will get the acknowledgment number which you can copy and save somewhere.

So friends, after completing this process, an instant e-pan card will be created, which you can make within 5 minutes only through mobile phone at your home. Now that you have made your Pan card, then now you know how to remove or download Pan card.

How to download E-pan card?

We have told you very easily how to make Pan card online. Now it knows how to download Pan card PDF.

• First of all go to the homepage of Income Tax Act New Portal, click on the link after which you will be redirected to the website.

• Click on “Get new e-PAN” Click on Continue in Check Status/ Download Pane. And enter your Aadhar card number and click on continue.

• Then OTP will come on your mobile number, enter it and click on continue button. Now you will see many application status of Pan card like the application made by us is still pending. That is why the option to download PAN card is not visible right now.

• As soon as your Pan card request is approved, you can download your Pan card very easily by checking Pan card status again.

• After that, if you want, you can use it like a normal PAN card. And if you want, you can download the PDF of your PAN card.

If you still have any kind of confusion for normal Pan card and Pan card, then let's know a little about it. What is an instant pan card or e-pan card and how to use it.

What is an instant pan card or e-pan card?

Pan card is the account number of every person by the Income Tax Department, Government of India, through which we text the government. Exactly the same type of Pan card is like a normal Pan card, there is a digital PAN card which you can use everywhere. Tea banks or online offline at any place.

The full form of PAN card is Permanent Account Number which we can use during the transaction of money. PAN card is the details of a lot of income and amount transactions, on the basis of this, you have to pay tax to the Income Tax Department. Pan card is a very important document, that's why every person makes any kind of income, then it is mandatory to have a PAN card.

If all of you also want that how to make PAN card from mobile or computer, then we have written this post keeping this in mind. And you can make Pan card sitting at home within 10 minutes.


So friends today through this post I have told you what is e-pan card? How to make one if you liked one of our today's posts. And if you find it useful, then share it with all other people you know. So that those people can also know that PAN card can also be made through mobile phone. If you have any question related to this post of mine, then you can ask through the comment section below, we will help you completely.

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