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best applications to earn money online

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Hello friends, in today's era, every person wants to earn money and you get thousands of ways to earn money, but even when you search on the internet, you are told the most about how to earn money from mobile and you know this. You must know that you cannot earn money from direct mobileFor this you need to have android mobile phone internet connection and some such applications which give opportunity to earn money online.

If we talk about earning money offline, then every person leaves his country to earn money and goes abroad because he does not get so much money in his country as he can earn in foreign country but let us tell you that you You can earn from 20,000 to 25000 in a month by living with your familyIt sounds very easy to listen from your mobile, so let's make it more easy.

bindass ankit
Mobile earnig apps

 • best apps to earn money online

You may not believe this at all, but it is a fact,Many people may not have believed me on this point but I want to tell you once again for your information that I myself have seen using these apps and I am following this post from experience after using these applications. I am writing in which you will be told about five such applications whereYou can earn from online.

I will tell you about the online money making application, you can easily earn up to 25000 a month sitting at home with the help of living, you will get thousands of dates to earn money online in today's era, one of which is online money earner. Applications i.e. many such apps have come from which we can stay at homeYou can earn money sitting.

• Top 5 earning platform 2022

In this post, I will tell you about the best earning applications, with the help of which you will be able to earn money very comfortably, not only you can earn, but you can also tell other people of the house about these applications so that those people also use these applications. If you can earn money through this then let's start:

 • top 5 Earning Platform

1) Meesho

Friends, you must have heard about the reselling application, it is called reselling application, in this you have to promote the product listed on the app among your friends and relatives through social media and whenever a person buys this product, that By adding my margin to the productGo to that app and order that product.After the delivery of the product, the margin amount is transferred to your account within 7 or 10 days.

Meesho application is also one of those apps. Meesho is India's largest and number one trusted reselling application and it is your biggest special. The thing is that you can share their products on social mediaApart from this, you can also share through your e-commerce website and earn a lot of money.So if you are also looking for online money making application then Meesho application can prove to be the best app to earn money.

2) Amazon

If we are talking about earning money online anywhere and there we do not talk about e-commerce website like Amazon, it is impossible because you will know Amazon very well, it is an online shopping website from where you can find any. Items can be easily ordered online and delivered at your home.

You cannot do online shopping on amazon because here you also get an opportunity to earn money online, that is, you can earn a lot of money by joining Amazon's affiliate program, this method is the most wonderful and useful of today's time. Lakhs of people are earning lakhs of money by joining it, then if youIf you also want to earn money online, then you can earn money by downloading the Amazon applicationAlthough this is an e-commerce website but it also has an Amazon application, 

if you join the affiliate program then you will get a chance to earn a lot of money, inside it you do not have to do much, you only have to share the affiliate link with your friends. It has to be done by which any person can give him the goodsIf you buy through your link, then you will get commission from it, so in this way you will be able to earn money from affiliate program.

3) Roz Dhan App

Rozdhan application has also been included in the list of Earning Money, you can download it directly from Google Play Store. After installing, if you open it, then here you will get your mobileYou have to login with the number email id or Facebook account, immediately after login ₹ 25 will be added to your account. After that after login in this application, you will see many tasks or you can complete dance class very easily like Read FAQ, First Invite, Watch Video Tutorial etc.

After completing these tasks, your money will be added to Roz Dhan account after which you can transfer them to your bank account through Paytm.

4) Google Opinion Rewards

One of the top money making app is Google Opinion Rewards which is created by Google and it is a survey application which you will go to download on google play store then you and you will get more than 50 million downloaders and this application Talking about the rating of 4 points 2Star rating and over 2 million reviews.With google opinion reward you can earn money online sitting at home, by this record you can buy anything on google play store now talk how to earn money from it, first of all you have to install google opinion rewards app in your mobile after that You can login with your gmail id and in this you will have toTo earn rewards, you have to complete some surveys and then you can use their rewards for shopping.

5) WinzoNow 

it comes to Winzo, which is the most played game not only in our India but in the whole world, inside it you will get to see not one but thousands of games where you can play any game of your choice. And its biggest feature is that it was specially made for you to earn moneyhas gone.To download it, you can download it by visiting its website, although you will not find it on Google Play Store because it is a gambling application.

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3: रोज़ धन के साथ समृद्धि की ओर एक कदम बढ़ाएँ: भारत में सबसे अच्छा पैसा कमाने वाला ऐप। 

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4: 💥 Sports Guru Pro: #1 App to earn Google redeem code & PAYTM Cashback FREE in India


5:  Earn Money  ₹2332 


• What did you learn in this post

Today through this post I have told you Top 5 Earning Platforms 2022, out of which whichever application you like and it is very easy for you to use, then you can earn money online sitting at home through that application. If I like this information, then share it with othersI must share.

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